Everybody can participate in yoga classes, regardless of age, experience, physical flexibility or strength.

The focus is on mental strength and agility rather than physical prowess.

Classes combine movement and breathing exercises that change weekly.

Sessions help to boost energy, release tension and increase vitality:

  • MAT YOGA (gym clothes): 30 – 45 minutes

  • CHAIR YOGA (work clothes): 20 – 30 minutes


Yoga is proven to improve mood and reduce stress by releasing the “happy hormones”: serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. With greater wellbeing benefits than similar aerobic exercises.

Sessions are designed to meet a client’s specific needs, for example:

  • MORNING: stretching out any morning stiffness, building energy to get your day off to a bright start

  • LUNCHTIME/MID AFTERNOON: re-set the mind and body after the morning’s challenges plus an energy burst so you get the most from the afternoon

  • END OF DAY: strengthen the body and mind to help achieve a relaxed evening, feeling refreshed for the next day.

Corporate Yoga For Office Based Employees

Office yoga classes are now offered by more and more organisations that care about employee wellbeing. Staff yoga is not about poses that are impossible to achieve or going to yoga studios that people can find intimidating. In fact, it isn’t about physical fitness or flexibility at all. It’s a fun and engaging way to reduce stress, increase energy and build mental clarity.


Gym membership and running clubs are great, but yoga is proven to have greater benefits than similar aerobic exercises.


Staff yoga is a teambuilding tool used by many clients as it unites people in a common goal, to become more balanced, clear-minded and creative.


Each week we run most of our employee yoga classes in London and the south east but we do look after corporate yoga clients all over the UK. Since the coronavirus pandemic, we have also been serving all our clients online, as far afield as New York and Chile!

How Yoga Helps Relieves Stress

There is good stress and there is bad stress. A little stress can help propel us to become high achievers, but too much stress kills our capacity to be imaginative, to make good decisions. It can cause damage to our health: at the last count, 53% of all lost working days were due to stress. That was before the coronavirus pandemic.

There are many things in life that can lead to stress, a few of the main ones include relationships, finances, health, sleep, insecurity, trauma. Then there are specific work stresses including deadlines, workload, targets, clients, colleagues, environment, travel, long hours. And of course work stress and life stress are interwoven. We spend more waking hours at work than we do at home so it makes sense to do things at work to relieve stress.

Office yoga is a simple AND PROVEN way to help staff release the build up of stress that can lead to below par performance and ultimately, ill health. Workplace exercise classes can be gentle, done in a chair and in work clothes. Or they can be more vigorous, more like what you would find in a gym. A key element is to make it easy for staff to participate and to work within their physical capacity. It’s not a competitive sport, despite what you might see in yoga studios!


In recent months, the lockdown has resulted in higher levels of stress than “normal” and the workplace has become home for many. Back and neck pain complaints are commonplace, as people’s home working set up is not as ergonomic as in the office. Thanks to online platforms such as Zoom, workplace exercise has been taking place at home.


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