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Nick spent 30 years working in marketing agencies and corporate organisations so understands the demands made on people.

He appreciates that deadlines, targets, clients, colleagues and budgets are just some of the challenges that can lead to unhealthy pressure and below par performance.

His first ever staff yoga lesson was in a Soho based agency 20 years ago, part of a staff wellness programme. Since then he has practiced many different types of yoga and meditation.

When he decided to train as a teacher, he chose Kundalini because he saw that it works for everyone, delivering great results. He now offers private classes, group classes, events and corporate programmes. 

He works in close collaboration with other coaches and teachers to design and deliver programmes tailored to achieve each client’s particular objectives.

All classes are fully insured and taught according to the code of ethics and professional standards set by the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association and the Kundalini Research Institute.​ 


  • To help individuals and organisations thrive despite the pressures of life and work

  • To support the development of mental clarity, agility and resilience alongside physical flexibility, balance and strength. Regardless of age, seniority, experience or ability

  • To employ proven techniques that deliver the desired results.


  • To provide the highest quality experience so people achieve more, no matter what their background, belief or financial position

  • To ensure every person has access to the resources they need to flourish, making the most of their intuition and strength


  • To combine the ancient practice of yoga and meditation with contemporary technology and science so that people become happier, healthier, less stressed, more creative, resilient, inspired.


  • All activities are planned and delivered in a style that is approachable, plain speaking and accessible to everyone

  • We are expert, energetic, creative, supportive and responsive

  • We act with integrity, openness and strong morals.

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"Regular attendees of the lunchtime sessions have noticed a tangible shift in terms of mood, energy and flexibility."

The Inner Temple

"My team has commented on the changes they’ve seen. There’s less stress, more clarity, greater imagination, I’d like to do it every day!"

FKC Advertising

"...during the whole of lockdown and wfh...Nick has kept us moving, calm and sane, whilst switching around the focus to our needs."

Davis Grant Accountants

"Nick hosts fantastic sessions in private & corporate settings - I have experienced both in person & on-line. Equally as calming & effective."

Joanna Williams Consultants


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Let us help support your staff wellbeing plans for 2022 and beyond.


We will be happy to share our experience of what works really well and what works less well and to shape a proposal that's right for your organisation.

Maybe you would be interested in a taster session.

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