Events demand a lot from delegates, to listen to more presentations and contribute to more discussions than in a typical work day. The flow of ideas can be overwhelming and particularly challenging when people might feel sluggish after lunch.

Which is why more organisations shape their event agendas to include sessions of movement, meditation, mental relaxation, visualisation, breathwork and gong, designed to:

  • Boost energy

  • Improve focus

  • Digest ideas

People absorb information better when they feel alert and energised.

For examples of how we have enhanced events, from half day workshops to three day conferences, contact us now.


As more people start to emerge since the Covid crisis, we are starting to provide  on site services again. All maintaining safe distance/hygiene guidelines.


Face to face activities are often simultaneously broadcast online. 


Using platforms such as Zoom, Teams and Facebook to hold wellbeing activities has been effective in bringing together remote teams.


The privacy that participants can have, being able to turn their camera off, has been beneficial to many.


To sample a session of gong and meditation, please click on the following links or contact us to discuss.

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