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Yoga, meditation, breath work and gong baths are all ancient practices with contemporary application.

Strong scientific evidence has led to health professionals promoting their use.

To help people manage stress and anxiety. To support a healthy, balanced life – physically and mentally:


"Improved memory, learning and executive decision making.

Decreased stress, depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia.

Increased quality of life

and grey matter."

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"Improved awareness, attention, memory.

Alters brain structure to enhance cognitive function.

Greater benefits than similar aerobic exercises."

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"Lower stress, anxiety and depression.

Decreased heart rate, blood pressure, tension.

Relaxation response can combat/manage stress."

Text is either verbatim or paraphrased from research and published articles.


The Times

There’s evidence that Kundalini yoga – that involves breathing exercises and meditation as well as traditional poses, can help ward off feelings of melancholy. The study found the yoga group experienced significant improvements in their moods.


The Times

Yoga is proven to improve the symptoms of people struggling with anxiety. Yoga works better than stress management classes and almost as well as talking therapies.
The medical school study  calls for yoga to be clinically prescribed.


Scientific American

During yoga breathing exercises, people achieve a state of calm and focus. Research suggests the practice has multiple benefits—it induces an overall sense of well-being while reducing anxiety and improving sleep.



Harvard Medical School

In addition to reducing media consumption and connecting with family and friends, the health publication recommends using yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress and increase brain function.


Biotechnology Centre

A specific Kundalini yoga meditation (Kirtan kriya) significantly enhances both memory function and cognitive performance.

It also significantly lowers levels of depressive symptoms and improves mental health.

11/3/12 & 3/2/17


The Times

A small selection of quotes found on the NHS website when searching for the benefits of meditation:

  • Changes the brain

  • Is the proven serene way to get smarter

  • Can get you a step closer to a good night's rest

  • Can be just as effective at combating depression as medication

  • Can help to reduce persistent pain, even migraines


Harvard Bus. Review

Just 10 minutes of daily meditation results in better ideas, better decision making and better mood. Research results also indicate that people are more positive and less restless. With higher levels of attention and resilience, people are simply better at creative problem solving.



Journal of Medicine

There is strong evidence that music has mental and physical health benefits in improving mood and reducing stress.
A single hour long sound meditation helped people reduce tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Breath Meditation Benefits In The Workplace


It’s safe to say that employers want employees to be less stressed, more energised, better decision makers. Which is why organisations of all type are offering workplace wellbeing programmes that include breath meditation sessions. If you can breathe and follow simple instructions, you can enjoy breath meditation benefits including lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress. Add to that improved mood, mental clarity and energy, and it’s easy to see how workplace meditation benefits stack up against other activities.


No equipment or extra space is needed, people can stay in their work clothes and at their desks. It’s also ideal for groups comprising mixed levels, from the most junior to most senior, because there can be no sense of competition or any potential awkwardness of a physical activity done with colleagues.


Meditation benefits people both at work and beyond because it is all about the individual finding mental clarity, building the resilience to thrive in whatever situation they find themselves.



Gong Bath Benefits, London


Bathing in the sounds of the gong is a practice dating back thousands of years, used by cultures around the world, from South America to China and many stops between.


Not only is it a deeply relaxing experience – and we all know how being relaxed is good for overall wellbeing – but the benefits of gong baths have been confirmed in many scientific studies. The gong benefits for the individual can be both physical and mental as the body and mind respond to sounds and vibrations.


Physically it has been shown to help people with various types of pain including arthritis, muscle, menstrual join – it can help mobility. Mentally and emotionally, by reducing tension, increasing blood circulation and lowering blood pressure, gong bath benefits include improving mood, lowering stress, reducing fatigue and improving sleep.


Every person experiences the gong differently, some describe it as deeply meditative and spiritual, others as refreshing and uplifting. Try one yourself face to face if you are in London, or online if you are outside London. Click on these links.



Workplace Yoga Benefits


Yoga arrived in the UK in the early 1900’s and started to grow in popularity in the 1960’s. It is estimated that around 500,000 people now do yoga classes every week and, since the coronavirus lockdown, it has seen a huge spike in participation.


The reason for the growth is because the benefits of yoga are well documented in numerous scientific studies. It is the combination of body, breath and meditation exercises that means yoga benefits people more than physical or mental exercises alone.


Physically you do not need to be flexible or fit to enjoy and benefit from yoga, but it can help you become stronger and more balanced. You work within your physical abilities and it has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood and boost energy. So much so that one study calls for it to be clinically prescribed by the NHS!


In the workplace yoga benefits organisations with happier and healthier staff enjoying the mental and physical resilience and positive energy it helps create. Classes take place both onsite and online, before, during or after work, to suit each client’s needs. If you have ever wanted to try yoga but felt put off by impossible looking postures or intimidated by a gym/studio environment, then a workplace yoga session may be good for you.


"Regular attendees of the lunchtime sessions have noticed a tangible shift in terms of mood, energy and flexibility."

The Inner Temple

"My team has commented on the changes they’ve seen. There’s less stress, more clarity, greater imagination, I’d like to do it every day!"

FKC Advertising

"...during the whole of lockdown and wfh...Nick has kept us moving, calm and sane, whilst switching around the focus to our needs."

Davis Grant Accountants

"Nick hosts fantastic sessions in private & corporate settings - I have experienced both in person & on-line. Equally as calming & effective."

Joanna Williams Consultants


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Let us help support your staff wellbeing plans for 2022 and beyond.

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