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Onsite. Online. Hybrid.

The ultimate in relaxation, just sit or lay down and let the sounds wash over you.

The gong has therapeutic value: to detoxify, reduce blood pressure and relieve stress.

More passive than other practices, you simply immerse yourself in the sounds and vibrations.


Typical session length is 45 - 60 minutes.

Best suited for just before lunch or at the end of the day, content adjusted accordingly:

  • Midday: total relaxation of both mind and body, feel revitalised for the afternoon

  • End of day: wind down for the evening, helps you get a good night’s sleep


Staff wellbeing

Many people find it hard to switch off, to still their busy mind. Even more people find it hard to meditate and the gong does the hard work for you, so you can enjoy the benefits!

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Business wellbeing

The sound of the gong works quickly to relax the brain towards a deeply meditative state. Studies show that it lowers blood pressure, reducing stress, tension and fatigue.

What Is A Gong Bath?


A gong bath is also known as a gong meditation or sound healing meditation. The sounds and vibrations of the gong help you achieve a deep sense of relaxation – all you have to do is lay down and let the sounds wash over you. Apart from its mesmerising sound, the gong has been shown to have therapeutic value: to detoxify, reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and stimulate the immune system.


Use of the gong dates back over 5,000 years, playing an important role in ceremonies and rituals among many cultures including China, Afghanistan, Greece, India, South America and Africa. Today it is used as part of therapeutic practice for its healing qualities, for both physical conditions such as spinal injuries, as well as mental and emotional conditions.


The sound is made by striking and rubbing the gong with different types of mallet. The sounds are complex, with undertones and overtones that people hear differently, so it’s a truly unique and personal experience.


Every month we run gong baths in London and online. If you have never experienced a gong bath, you’re in for a treat, so try one soon! See links above.



How A Gong Bath Works?


A gong bath does not involve getting wet! We refer to taking a gong bath because sound flows in waves and you are immersed in the sound. Some describe it as a sonic massage as your body and mind absorb the sounds and vibrations of this ancient instrument.


It’s a passive experience, in that you simply lay down and let the gong work its magic. People have different experiences each time, some describe it as a journey, some describe seeing strong images and colours with their eyes closed, others feel great warmth. Gong benefits include profound relaxation, reduced blood pressure and stress. Clients tell us they sleep particularly well after a gong meditation.


To prepare you for a gong bath meditation we start with some stretching and breathing exercises to help relax the body and let go of the busyness of your day. We close each session with a short, grounding meditation.


Click on the links above for details of gong baths in London that you can enjoy face to face. But no matter where you are, you can also take part online, from the privacy and comfort of your own home.




Gong Bath Meditation Services, London


Corporate gong baths have become popular in recent times as organisations look to provide different wellbeing activities for their staff. A gong bath is a deeply relaxing experience that people enjoy sitting or laying down, they do not have to change out of their work clothes.


Gong bath events are typically held at lunchtime or at the end of the working day and comprise a set of warm up stretches and a meditation either side of the gong bath itself.


No experience is needed and no energy is expended. You simply close your eyes as you are immersed in the sounds and vibrations, taking you on a relaxing, meditative journey. Each time is different, sometimes you will emerge feeling calm as tension has been released, other times you will feel energised and vibrant.


Online gong baths are also available, with the added benefit of staying in your home.

  • I’m unfit/inflexible, can I still do yoga?"
    Yoga is for everyone when it is well curated and well taught. Our focus is on mental strength rather than physical prowess. It is common for people with varying levels of physical fitness and experience to attend the same class, working at their own pace. Yoga is not a competitive sport, it is about the individual’s experience.
  • I’ve tried to meditate before and it didn’t work. What do you do that’s different?
    Our meditations are active, including things such as breathing techniques, visualisation and physical movement. Sitting in silence and trying not to think of anything is impossible! We guide you each step of the way so it becomes easy for you to shift your mental focus and find a meditative place.
  • What kind of meditation do you do?
    We select meditations from the Kundalini tradition, each one has a different focus, for example: energy boost, balance, attracting opportunities, reducing fear.
  • Doesn’t meditation leave people feeling sleepy and so surely unproductive?
    Meditation is not about falling asleep but about becoming clearer and more alert so you can achieve and experience more fully. People become both energised and calm, the ideal combination for high performance individuals and teams.
  • What does an office based yoga class look like?
    Classes are designed to suit each client’s needs. From a 20 minute chair based session of stretching and gentle movement, wearing work clothes, to 45 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise.
  • How much space do we need?
    For most organisations, a meeting room is big enough. External space can be obtained if there isn’t a suitable room. Setting up a class involves very little preparation or disruption.
  • Do we need to buy equipment?
    No, we supply everything you need.
  • Isn’t it all a bit new age and woo woo?
    Yoga and meditation are ancient practices proven by scientific research to deliver real benefits. Click HERE for a few examples related to reducing stress and back pain, increasing energy and stamina, improving creativity and problem solving.
  • Doesn’t it disrupt the working day?
    Sessions are planned to work around each client’s business: short or long sessions can be delivered before work, after work, at lunchtime, whatever suits best.
  • How well do classes work online?
    Better than anyone could have imagined, the experience is really good, some people even prefer it to being physically alongside colleagues. Participants do not have to keep their cameras on so they can enjoy privacy, practicing from the comfort of their home.


"Regular attendees of the lunchtime sessions have noticed a tangible shift in terms of mood, energy and flexibility."

The Inner Temple

"My team has commented on the changes they’ve seen. There’s less stress, more clarity, greater imagination, I’d like to do it every day!"

FKC Advertising

"...during the whole of lockdown and wfh...Nick has kept us moving, calm and sane, whilst switching around the focus to our needs."

Davis Grant Accountants

"Nick hosts fantastic sessions in private & corporate settings - I have experienced both in person & on-line. Equally as calming & effective."

Joanna Williams Consultants


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Let us help support your staff wellbeing plans for 2022 and beyond.


We will be happy to share our experience of what works really well and what works less well and to shape a proposal that's right for your organisation.

Maybe you would be interested in a taster session.

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