The easiest, proven way to reduce stress, increase energy and improve concentration.

Enhances cognitive function for improved memory, learning and decision making.

​No experience needed or techniques to learn, sessions are easy to follow.

Participants take away simple tools they can use any time.

Typical session length is 20 – 30 minutes.

Sessions are designed to meet a client’s specific needs, for example:

  • Morning: find clarity before launching into the day

  • Lunchtime/mid afternoon: decongest the mind and lift the mood in preparation for the afternoon

  • End of day: let go of the stresses and strains of the day to have a relaxed evening

Try a simple exercise now, feel the effect!  Listen to or read the instructions.

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Breath Meditation For Employees


Many people believe that office meditation is difficult, something that involves complicated techniques that are hard to master. But when meditation is linked to the breath, it’s simple. When we focus our mind on our breath, there is an almost instant calming effect. Try it now. Start to lengthen your breath, with your eyes closed, follow the journey of the breath from your belly up to your collar bones. Focus on the sound of your breath.


The simplest way to relax the mind and energise the body is to breathe consciously.  Rather than the automatic process of breathing, this changes the flow of oxygen, our mood and therefore how we respond to what’s going on around us. It is proven to reduce stress and improve brain function.


Corporate meditation is proving increasingly popular among organisations investing in staff wellbeing. We offer meditation at work sessions to our London based clients – face to face where possible – as well as further afield, also online for people working from home.

Why Workplace Meditation Is Important


Even before Covid-19, stress accounted for 53% of all work days lost. It’s the single biggest reason that people feel unable to cope with the pressures of work and life. We also know that stress reduces our work performance, so even if people show up for work, they’re not necessarily firing on all cylinders.


Office meditation is easy to do and is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so the contribution it makes to productivity is plain to see. But it goes further, because meditation is also proven to result in better decision making and creative problem solving, which means that the quality of contribution – staff performance – is enhanced.


We deliver office meditation sessions in London and the south-east, as well as online throughout the rest of the UK and the world. Sessions are easy to follow, no experience is required, and staff go away with simple tools they can use at any time.




Corporate & Workplace Meditation Services, London


When a company offers meditation and other wellbeing activities, it reflects positively on its values and culture and attracts the highest calibre staff. Offering corporate meditation sessions is a way for employers to show they care about staff wellbeing because it is proven to reduce stress and improve mood.


Office meditation is a great way to help people cope with the pressures of daily living and working. It can help with specific things like getting better sleep, having more energy and focus, as well as contributing to overall better mental health


Staff who feel valued tend to perform better and remain more loyal, which is why workplace meditation is now offered as part of wellbeing programmes at all types and sizes of organisation. Organisations are helping their employees build the resilience they need to meet the unpredictable challenges and additional pressures resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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