FACE TO FACE - observing all distance and hygiene guidelines

ONLINE  - over zoom or client's preferred platform

A programme is created to meet each organisation's needs and objectives. After a trial period, feedback is gained from participants and senior management, results measured and adjustments made if required.

  • All classes are easy to follow, suitable for everybody and require no prior experience.


  • Can be one off/weekly/monthly classes or integrated into an event agenda.

  • Content and duration are completely flexible, some examples include...

15 min clock a.png

FOCUS - 15 minute session

Achieves a positive, focused start to the day

  • Easy to follow set of visualisation, breathing and meditation techniques.

30 min clock a.png

ENERGISE - 30 minute session

Delivers an energy boost and all day clarity of mind

  • Gentle movement exercises combined with breathing and meditation techniques.

45 min clock a.png

RESILIENCE - 45 minute session 

Improves problem solving and team harmony

  • A blend of physical and mental exercises for all levels, whether totally inflexible or expert.

Clock 60.jpg.png

GROWTH - 60  minute session 

A workshop for individual and group development

  • Experiential event to help manage stress, build  resilience, improve creativity and decision making.

Clock 60.jpg.png

RECHARGE - 60  minute session 

A deeply relaxing and meditative experience

  • A gong bath to relax the body and mind at the end of the day and set you up for the next day.