Connect colleagues working remotely and support

good mental health, with team yoga, mindful meditation, breathwork and gong baths.

Scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase energy, improve mood, sleep, creativity and decision making skills.


"Lunchtime energy boosting meditations for afternoon productivity."

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"Energising and team building lunchtime yoga."

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"Focus and clarity with early morning meditations and visualisation."

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"Weekly yoga classes improve mood and flexibility."


  • A set of movement and breathing exercises that changes weekly


  • Suitable for all, regardless  of experience, physical flexibility or strength

  • Sessions designed to boost energy, release tension and increase vitality.

  • Proven to reduce stress, increase energy and improve concentration

  • No experience needed or techniques to learn, sessions are easy to follow

  • You will take away simple tools you can use any time.

  • Just lay down and let the sounds wash over you

  • Achieve a deep sense of relaxation and enjoy the  therapeutic benefits: to detoxify, reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and stimulate the immune system.

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“The finance industry is demanding on your time and stress levels... exhaustion...out of balance... overwhelming feeling of tiredness.


Kundalini yoga transformed my life...very effective tools to transform not only physically but also learning how to quieten the mind."

"There's evidence that Kundalini yoga - breathing exercises and meditation as well as traditional poses can - can help ward off feelings of melancholy...


...research study showed how the ancient art (of yoga) drastically improves mood..."

"Enjoy the powers of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation at work and leave the sessions feeling clear, in-control...


...a 15-minute session using yoga to align the body and meditation to reduce stress or a 45-minute ‘Resilience’ session to stimulate clarity and meditation and improve your creative thought process..."


Plan created around client's objectives, challenges and success measures.

Trial implemented over a four week  test period.


Feedback gained from participants and senior management. Plan refined if needed.


Results reviewed against objectives set.








Before lockdowns, all classes were delivered  face to face. During lockdown, all classes have been delivered over Zoom, Teams and other platforms.

With hybrid working, classes are run face to face and simultaneously online.

All health and hygiene safety precautions are taken when teaching face to face.

Clients have told us that staff really appreciate coming together with their colleagues to share a class experience – connecting online can generate a strong sense of team camaraderie.

Workplace Wellbeing For Mental Health


Mental health in the workplace would not have been a topic of conversation just a few years, but these days, having a Mental Health First Aider is as common as having a fire warden or a traditional first aider. What has changed is that just a few years ago, the single most common reason that people were “off sick” from work, was physical: a bad back, a migraine, the flu. Now the single most common reason is mental/emotional: stress accounts for over 53% of all working days lost.


Of course, the problem isn’t necessarily that there is more anxiety at work, it is a reflection of the fact that the working population is suffering increasingly with poor mental health. And because we typically spend more time at work than at home, mental health at work has become a board level issue.


HR Directors now include workplace wellbeing programmes – also known as workplace wellness – as part of their strategy for attracting and retaining high performance employees. These usually include support to ensure staff have resources on everything from sleep and nutrition to financial and physical health, providing classes of exercise, yoga and meditation at work.


Staff Mental Wellbeing Activities, London


Whether you work at a multinational corporation or a small start up, staff wellbeing activities are an important consideration. We live in increasingly challenging times, with pressures that can sometimes have a negative impact on our happiness, health and performance at work. People are typically critical to an organisation’s success so having the right staff wellbeing programme in place can also be critical to an organisation’s success.


Programmes can cover a range of mental wellbeing activities to support staff needs. Larger companies set up on-site gyms or negotiate a discount at a local gym. Staff members themselves often set up running clubs, exercise groups or yoga classes and some companies bring in a sports or shiatsu masseur each week to deal with physical tension.


In addition to online EAP (employee assistance programmes), external speakers can be brought in to provide guidance on everything from sleep and nutrition to financial planning and time management.


Meditation and mindfulness classes are usually run by external practitioners, but not just in the office: wellbeing for events is now incorporated into the agenda to ensure delegates get the most from the day. It’s easy to become swamped with information at an event, not to mention when you are tired, to become less receptive!



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Let us help support your staff wellbeing plans for 2022.


We will be happy to share our experience of what works really well and what works less well and to shape a proposal that's right for your organisation.

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