If you would like to speak to any of our clients, please just ask. Whether we have simply provided a one off event or run a regular weekly programme, we know they will assure you of our professionalism, enthusiasm and humour. We believe these are essential ingredients when building productive and profitable working relationships.

“The sessions were fantastic, employees left feeling revived for the afternoon. It’s the perfect way to help us look after the wellbeing of our employees.”

"Nick delivered a fantastic workshop as part of our latest event for agency leaders. His calm, intelligent approach went down well with attendees who I know have seen immediate results by using what he taught them."

"The morning sessions were a brilliant way to start the day. Some said they felt the benefits all day and it also created a real sense of teamwork.”

"The Mental Health & Wellbeing Network chose Nick when it came to offering yoga to staff. His approach is accessible, regardless of experience or fitness, it’s really energising."

“Nick spent all day with us and the results were outstanding so we have already booked him to come back in. Activities included breathing and visualisation exercises, movement and stretching, team building meditations and a super-relaxing gong bath.”

"We are delighted with the service that Nick provides. Regular attendees of his lunchtime sessions have noticed a tangible shift in terms of mood, energy and flexibility."

"My team has commented on the changes they’ve seen. There’s less stress, more clarity, greater imagination, I’d like to do it every day!"

"The events are particularly popular among our staff. They add a strong element to any wellbeing plan, with their emphasis on reducing stress."

"At first I was sceptical but now I’m hooked. I end every week with one of Nick’s classes and the positivity carries on through the weekend and into the start of my week."

“Staff came from Italy, Canada and South Africa to our London HQ to develop business plans so we decided to supercharge their efforts with a series of Health & Wellness initiatives. Even in just a couple of weeks I have seen a significant difference in attitude and performance.”

"To deliver a world-class experience for the world's largest electronics brand, we put staff through rigorous training. For wellbeing in the workplace we wanted a special end to the day. The gong bath relaxation and meditation hit the spot. Staff told us they woke up refreshed and energised for the next day's training."

"Small changes can make a big difference to your life and make it better. Nick showed us how in an inspiring, engaging way. I wish every company had a Nick looking after their people’s well being! Colleagues said: I definitely felt the benefits…bloody brilliant, would love more sessions."

"We decided to give office yoga a go and what a great decision! The team get excited over our weekly classes"

"An early morning yoga and meditation session with Nick is a fantastic way to set you up for the day, to bring the team together in a really energised and positive way."

"I spend most of my day in an office chair in front of a computer screen. Since starting these classes I feel so much more energetic, like I have a new lust for life!"

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