Three minute breathing & visualising

Shifts your mental focus, builds energy, calms the mind.

Follow these instructions or plug in your headphones, click on the link below and be guided through.


Keep your eyes open and try to blink as little as possible.

Inhale slowly for 5 seconds, from the belly all the way up to the collar bones, breathing in the fresh oxygen.

Hold the breath for 10 seconds, let the pressure build.

Exhale slowly for 5 seconds, make it a complete exhale to expel the carbon dioxide.

Keep going in this same steady pattern, inhaling and exhaling for 5 seconds,holding the breath for 10 seconds.     

Focus on the flow of the breath, hear it, feel it, mentally see it.

Many relaxation and meditation techniques promise to restrict the flow of thoughts,but we need thoughts to relate to what’s going on in the world. You cannot stop thoughts from coming but you can adjust your mental focus so your thoughts do not dominate your attention.

This simple exercise shifts your focus to the breath while at the same time increasing the flow of oxygen that supports our cells, tissues and organs. It also builds energy and calms the mind.

You can do it any time of day, more than once a day and for more than 3 minutes. Do it several times and I’m sure you'll notice a positive change.


If you feel comfortable to slow the breath even further, start to inhale and exhale for 10 seconds, holding it in for 15 seconds. But don’t force it, stay wherever you are comfortable.

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Breath & visualisation v3.mp3
00:00 / 04:20
Breath & visualisation v3.mp3
00:00 / 04:20
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